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Our goal to create a safe place for Veterans to start when returning home.

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2023 Motorcycle Raffle

Get your ticket before they are all gone! Only 500 will be sold. Good odds for a great cause.

The Reboot Camp Charity was founded to help veterans and their families adjust to civilian life. Unfortunately, the highest rates of substance abuse, domestic violence and suicide are within the veteran community. There are so many resources out there but we know, as fellow veterans, asking for help is not in our DNA.

Reboot Camp Charity is your starting place

Military members training

Reboot Camp Charity Mission

The mission of the Reboot Camp Charity is to ensure no one is left behind to lose the war we face in our minds as veterans returning home, through an environment of group learning with fellow veterans and their families.

Our Progress

Purchase of 16 acres in Lexington Tennessee, Jan 20, 2023
Military members training

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Our next goal is the development of housing for our veterans. With your contributions we will make this happen in 2023. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Our annual motorcycle raffle is still in progress. Purchase your ticket before they are all gone. Only 500 will be sold. read more